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Hiring a Bellydancer.



You may be searching for a bellydancer to perform at your function, and are surprised at the spread of prices you'll obtain from different quotes.

Remember that the person you are hiring has spent years studying, performing, dancing and has spent thousands of dollars on classes, costumes, books, trips and workshops.

A good bellydancer will put a value on her time and skill that reflects the quality of the performance that you're expecting.

To seriously undercut another dancer is bad form and devalues the art of Oriental Dance.

When hiring a troupe, the costs will be higher, as there are more dancers to consider, and remote venues will also attract travel surcharges.

Simply put, you get what you pay for. 

"Exposure" is not payment.


The Dancer or Troupe will need

Prior booking - we rehearse and prepare for specific performances so you're impressed!

To know how the music will happen and in what format (CD, Phone, Ipod, BYO BoomBox).

To know what the surface is like and in what space we'll be dancing - for barefoot dancers and to prepare costumes and props as appropriate.

A discrete place to enter

A secure spot for bags

Prompt or pre-payment



A dancer to turn up almost ready to perform, with her costume covered.

A dancer to wear an appropriate and professional costume.

A dancer to need a secure space to leave her bag and get ready - this usually involves putting on the last few costume items and preparing her entrance.

A dancer to make an entrance and perform a set of the length you've agreed, with the sort of content you've discussed.

A dancer to dance safely, so not using a sword or a shamadan if the space does not allow for this within the safety requirements.

A dancer to include audience participation if appropriate.

A dancer to remain untouched. Bellydance is a NON-CONTACT sport!

A dancer to be paid her fee electronically beforehand or very discreetly after her performance.

A fantastic performance!

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