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​Learn to Bellydance with Princess Fee


What are your classes like? 


In a word? Fun!!

Expect to laugh and enjoy yourself – yes! Fitness can be fun! No matter what your size, shape, fitness level or ability, if you like to move your body and have a giggle with the girls, my classes are perfect for you!


The serious stuff:

I am passionately dedicated to safe dance practice and have experience in teaching many levels of dance instruction in an accessible and safe manner. I am strict on warm ups and cool downs, stretches and correct body alignment. You are here to dance and enjoy yourself and not hurt yourself! I will correct you and make sure you are dancing safely. This is not a Zumba-style follow-me dance class.


So what happens then?

We warm up using silly music to get the body warm and moving, and use spatial techniques to get your brain into the room and into your body – and away from work and your shopping list!! This is your time.


Once we’re warm (and present!) I chuck in a short fitness, coordination or strengthening session,  like a shimmy drill, or some 80s aerobics, just to get the brain and body working out and feeling fine!


Then we work on technique – this could be a new movement you haven’t tried on before, or a new combination of steps, or a new bit of a choreography we’re learning.


Then we practice and drill those new moves, so they start working their way into your muscle memory, so then you can do them again without your tongue sticking out!


When it’s time to wrap up, we go through a lovely, relaxed cool down and stretch session, calming the body and lengthening all those muscles, finishing with a deep breathing technique that will stop your muscles getting sore the next day and leaves you calm and ready to go back into the world with a smile!


Sound good? Well enrol today!!


What do I wear/bring?


The first rule is comfort! Wear something you can move and stretch in, nothing that limits your movement. Remember some stretches can require you to flash the class, so no short skirts please – for your own comfort.


No, you don’t have to show your belly!


I tend towards :

- stretchy dance pants, harem pants, bike pants, leggings or similar, 
- long flowing skirts are also great,

- stretchy t-shirts or wrap tops

- a hip belt, hip wrap or sash – so I can see what your hips are doing! 
* But I have tons of those to borrow if you don’t have one.

Bellydance is traditionally done in bare feet, and the floors in my studios are barefoot-friendly, but if you’d prefer to wear socks or jazz sneakers or dance shoes, feel free.


If you have costumes, bling or deliciousness, feel free to flash up and wear something gorgeous. We are bellydancers after all! And we need no excuse to strut our stuff! Anything and everything goes! As long as you’re comfy and feeling glorious!


Bring a water bottle, a small sweat towel in summer and a sense of humour!

Some classes may require a prop, or particular thing – so bring one if you have one, but I always have plenty to share if you are just starting out and don’t want to buy your own. Don’t let that stop you!!



Do I have to perform?



In most of my classes you’ll learn an actual dance that you *can* perform. You certainly don’t have to (!) but if you’re up for it, there are a number of bellydance performance nights, called a “Hafla” – which is the Arabic word for ‘party’.

At these nights, we all get dressed up and perform for each other. It’s a fabulous and supportive atmosphere and you’ll get to see all sorts of bellydance styles, that you can badger me to teach you next term! There are hundreds of different styles of bellydance, all with their own costume style, history and music -  so you have to find the ones you like!


Part of each class is learning about the dance, the history, the music and the background about where this stuff comes from. You won’t believe the wonderful variety that is available under the simple heading of “bellydance”. It’s not just shaking your bits at people!


There will also be opportunities to dance professionally in restaurants, stage shows and other private venues if you are so inclined.


Enrol today!!

Which class are you looking for?

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