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Princess Fee runs an annual online choreography challenge, where you learn a dance using Zyama moves and present this dance at a festival. This is featured annually at the WAMED Festival and has appeared at festivals across the country.

ShadowDance was born in 2019 from the students of Princess Fee Bellydance’s Gothic Fusion class. For all my choreographies (both Egyptian and Gothic), I produce a Practice Companion DVD/Video file, so students can easily refresh (or relearn) old choreographies, so they’re easy to keep your repertoire up. I also know that it’s daunting to perform on the festival stage as a soloist, so the students who don’t come to the Festival with their troupes can find it a little isolating. Having helped manage the PseudoSkirt and ShimmySkirt projects with Ma’isah for ten years and my own BellySlink projects, I have witnessed the wonderful spirit of community and the inclusivity of being able to connect with a group of dancers, make new friends, participate in online shenanigans as a group, meet up for one rehearsal and then hit the stage together, and it makes some wonderful memories! So I’m inviting dancers to learn one of my choreographies and join my gorgeous troupe on stage at WAMED or to create a distance troupe for an interstate event or just to learn something new and a bit slinky. 

I would like to ackowledge the magical Miss Ma'isah of Melbourne, to whom I owe so much.

2008 - Diabolique, 2009 - Contraption, 2010 - Pirates, 2011 - TributeSkirt, 2012 - Sacrament/Sacrifice, 2013 - Haunted, 2014 - Maiko, 2015 - Fuego, 2016 - Love knows no language, 2017 - Coma, 2018 - Phantom, 2019 - Evil Night, 2020 - COVID, 2021 - Bad Moon Rising, 2022 - Bad Guy, 2023 - Minnie the Moocher, 2024 - The Cyberlecks Project.

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Register for ShadowDance 2024!

This year I have devised a choreography using Zyama technique for my fellow bellydance nerds out there! 
If you like your scifi, come and play in the realms of madness!


It is aimed at beyond-beginner level, as you will need a decent grounding in basic bellydance technique (a minimum of 2 years) in order to dance this safely. The reason that this is not recommended for beginners is that dancing unsupervised can be an unsafe practice if you have not already learned the movements from a qualified teacher, who can ensure you are dancing safely and without danger of injury. I take Safe Dance Practice very seriously and would not put you in a position where you may injure yourself. Hence the recommendation for some class experience. 

So what now? If you would like to jump into the ShadowDance Experience, it’s this easy.


1. Register your interest by emailing


2. Pay the participation fee ($60)


3. Provide your postal address and once your payment has been received, you will be sent the music track, the costume checklist and then you will be able to access the online classes or DVD. You will also be added to the Facebook group for more information and to join the online community for this dance!  

4. Learn the choreography, post pics, questions and video in the ShadowDance Facebook Group.


5. Source/Make the costume

6. Attend the rehearsal at the Festival (or contact me to discuss).

The 2023 Mandatory Rehearsal will be at 6pm on Thursday the 30th of May 2024 in the Perth CBD.

7. Rock out with us on stage!!

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