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This is your invitation to a monthly drill session so we can keep previous Goddess Series’ alive and so we don’t lose any of our moves. It will be a one-hour, no-teachin’, just drillin’ sesh through all the Goddess Series.
For our newer members, we’ll do the ones you know first, and then you can either scarper, or follow along with some of the previous Goddesses to get up to speed with the pantheon.
Zoomers – these will also be streamed from the studio so they’re accessible to everyone.


These will be on a Saturday afternoon from 3.30-4.30pm WST. Dates:

Dates TBA


Join in the studio or on Zoom.

Click the Zoom Now button at the top of this page.

See you in the Rose!


A costume quick-reference for the BellySlink Troupe.

Black Shoes
Black Socks
Black Wide-Leg pants
Black slimline skirt
Silver Sequin Drip Scarf
Black Pixie Top
Silver Wrap Bra or Vest
Black Lace Gloves
Black Claw Necklet
Batwing Earrings
Huntress Crown or Silver Turban

Silver Costume

Black Shoes
Black Socks
Black Wide-Leg pants
Black slimline skirt
Red Sequin Drip Scarf
Red Bride Belt
Black Pixie Top
Red Wrap Bra or Vest
Red lace gloves
Red Love heart Necklet
Red Love heart Earrings
Red Flower Crown or Red Turban

Red Costume

Under Construction

ShadowDance 2022 Costume

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BellySlink Troupe Resources: Videos
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